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Hello all, has published a new article by Cletus Nelson on the US feds'
war on US doctors who insist on treating people's pain with adequate
medications, literally sentencing millions of US citizens to lives of
unnecessary misery and despair.
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The DEA's ongoing efforts to ruin the practices of the remaining doctors who
will treat chronic pain patients scores yet another victim

by Cletus Nelson- Special to

April 2, 2002

The onset of Spring is an eventful time for the Drug Enforcement
Administration (DEA). With Senate Appropriations hearings on the immediate
horizon, it is a frenzied season of high-profile tactical encounters
cynically orchestrated to convince Congress that the agency is gaining
ground in its battle for a zero tolerance world. Typically, this solemn
bureaucratic ritual involves some newly discovered "killer" drug and a
media-hyped campaign warning of its alleged dangers. This year's "assassin
of youth" is an innovative painkiller known as OxyContin and the ensuing
crusade to end its abuse has placed a North Carolina pain specialist and his
many patients in the Drug War's deadly crossfire.
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