NYC Ibogaine Conference (2006)

Day one of the conference took place at Columbia University and focused -- for the most part -- on the Science of Things. Day two happened at Alex Grey's Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, and was more in tune with Happy Fun Insanity, than clinical research & politics. Uhm, I meant to say, it was all spiritual n' shit.

Out of the two venues, CoSM tends to be a lot more fun.


Tyler Case & Howard Lotsof
Dana Beal & Tyler Case
Howard Lotsof
Ken Alper & Brian Vastag
Ken Alper
Dana Beal, Howard Lotsof & Brian Vastag
Dana Beal & Rommel Washington
Dana Beal, Jeffrey Kamlet & Patrick Kroupa
Howard Lotsof & Brian Vastag
Alex Grey & Howard Lotsof
Dana Beal & Alex Grey
Dana Beal
Dana Beal, Paul DeRienzo and Lee Albert
Political Panel the sequel
Jasmine Hunter
Dana Beal & Patrick Kroupa
Lee Albert & Howard Lotsof
Spirit Panel
World Tree by Alex Grey
Patrick K. Kroupa & Lorelei M. Hollenbeck
Daniel Pinchbeck & Lee Albert
Dana Beal and Patrick Kroupa
Norma & Howard
Geerte Frenken & Howard S. Lotsof
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